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By working with Loinaz Martin, PSC, you get more than professional legal representation. Founded in
2000, we are a full service Law Firm offering expertise in Corporate, Healthcare and Labor law.

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Loinaz Martin, PSC has provided outstanding legal services since 2004. For a small firm, we are proud to offer our clients a single stop for quality services in the following areas of Law: corporate, regulatory, contract, labor and employment, administrative, licensing and permits and litigation.  

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About Us

Our Firm especially thrives in providing outstanding quality advice to businesses focused on growth and expansion. Stereotypical firms are interested in maximizing their revenue at the client’s expense. Contrary to this notion, we would rather retain clients for a long time instead of focusing on short term gains for the Firm.


To achieve this goal, we aim to reduce the cost of legal fees by promoting early involvement in the challenges and opportunities of our clients.  In this fashion, risks are anticipated or identified resulting in reduced time to market, liabilities and costs.  For all these reasons, Service is our main driver.

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