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Our attorneys possess significant experience in healthcare from different backgrounds. Healthcare, Corporate, Human Resources, Immigration, and Litigation specialists enrich our knowledge in serving our health law clientele. Also, our attorneys have experienced representing insurers or providers. Instead of a single attorney per client, we bring an attorney per area of specialty depending on the needs of the client. In this fashion, each attorney is knowledgeable in the needs of all clients. Should an unanticipated situation arise, our firm has attorneys available to handle the particular needs of that client.

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Mr. Diego Loinaz-Martin

Partner, President & Chief Legal Counsel

Karen López Freytes

Ms. Karen López-Freytes

Partner & Legal Counsel on Corporate and Healthcare Matters

Heidi Miranda Broco

Ms. Heidi Miranda Broco

Legal Counsel on Labor & Healthcare Matters


Mr. Ricardo Pabón-Degláns

Legal Counsel on Corporate and Healthcare Matters

Mr. Gustavo Serra

Mr. Gustavo Serra Ramírez de Arellano

Legal Counsel on Corporate & Healthcare Matters

Image by Marten Bjork

 Carlos Muñiz 

Off Counsel on Corporate & Tax Law

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