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  • Diego Loinaz-Martin


Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The Puerto Rico Supreme Court has resolved, as explained by the Notary Inspection Office, that Notaries may perform Living Wills and Advanced Directives during the Lockdown period issued by the Executive Branch.  We may also perform Wills (Testamentos) provided Social Distancing is enforced.  Living Wills play a vital role in our healthcare system.  During a pandemic which attacks the frail and the elderly and resources are limited, Living Wills play an important role on patient and resources management. 

Relying in these validly issued wills, healthcare personnel may safely rely on the patient’s clear instructions whether to intubate, transfuse, resuscitate, disconnect and protection of organs.  At Loinaz Martin, PSC, Heidi, Ricardo and Diego are available to assist your patients and employees with any such Notary deeds, acts or testimonies during the Lockdown.  We truly value your business and we are here to serve you all.

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