Ms. Hilda Falcón Reyes

Ms Hilda Falcón Reyes has over 20 years of experience in healthcare management and insurance experience. Before obtaining her Juris Doctor in 2014, Ms Falcón held a number of management positions in the disability insurance, managed care and health insurance brokerage segments of the industry. In late 1999 she joined Medical Card System, Inc. (MCS) in the position of Business Director of the Disability Management Program, where she was in charge of the full operation of the program, from sales and marketing and direct management of disability benefit claims for several major employers, including claimant payroll activity and
benefit coordination with Social Security.

In mid 2005 Ms Falcón joined the Medicare Advantage Division of MCS as Administration Director and later as Provider Service and Marketing Manager. In these positions she gained valuable insight into the strict regulatory environment, as well as the operational intricacies of the Medicare Advantage program. These positions included the development of Compliance Plans, and Policies and Procedures for this important corporate division. In December 2011, she left MCS to pursue her Juris Doctor in the Pontifical Catholic University Law School in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Upon graduation and admission to the practice, Ms Falcón joined the University of Puerto Rico’s Central Administration as Director of Insurance, overseeing the Health Insurance Plan, and the Property and Casualty Program. Her responsibilities included analyzing the insurance requirements for the extensive assets and obligations of the institution and developing and improving the procurement processes for these coverages, as well as the filing and settlement
of claims under the respective policies.

She joined the firm in April of 2018, bringing considerable value in administrative and legal knowledge and experience in the health insurance field.