ASES launched a new online provider enrollment application.

Due to a recent change in federal law, all providers furnishing items or services, or ordering, prescribing, referring, or certifying eligibility for, services for individuals eligible to receive federal medical assistance through Medicaid must be appropriately screened by and enrolled with the Administración de Seguros de Salud (“ASES”). Even if you are already participating in a managed care organization network, according to ASES you will still need to enroll as a provider by September 15, 2018 through a separate enrollment process.

ASES has launched a new online provider enrollment application available on the ASES website: The application includes a provider agreement that must be signed online in order to enroll as a Medicaid provider with ASES.

If you have questions about this new provider enrollment process, please contact us at Loinaz Martin PSC, at (787) 294-5551.

Javier Torres